Toronto – Bird Flu Fears Puts Couple In Isolation

March 19, 2008 by mimmson  
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Fears a couple that just returned from Bangladesh could have avian flu are inaccurate, according to a Toronto hospital.

The elderly couple was admitted to Toronto East General Hospital Tuesday night after complaining of flu-like symptoms and apparently isolated.

However speculation that they could be suffering from a human form of the H5N1 virus is unfounded, the hospital said in a statement released Wednesday.

“Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) is concerned about inaccurate media speculation and reporting regarding human cases of avian flu. TEGH has no reason to speculate that any patients in the hospital have avian flu,” the statement read.

“Furthermore, media reports are indicating that the individuals suspected to have avian flu had recently traveled to Bangladesh. It is important to clarify that, according to the World Health Network, there have been no reported human cases of H5N1 avian flu in Bangladesh.”

Officials did say they were dealing with an increased number of patients with seasonal flu-like symptoms.

They’re still waiting for test results to confirm what the couple is ailing from, but they insist bird flu is not a possibility.

The H5N1 virus spreads quickly and has a mortality rate as high as 70 per cent..

Health experts fear avian flu is the most likely source for the next pandemic.

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